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          BioSNTR is a statewide collaborative research endeavor with participants in the South Dakota Board of Regents institutions & private colleges.  Major research foci include high-content imaging, computational sciences, & cellular manipulation. The mission of BioSNTR is to create infrastructure needed to catalyze innovation and discovery in bio-science and bio-technology.  biosntr will enable discovery in human, plant, and animal health by creating a systems biology platform based on the integration of state-of-the-art imaging, computation and cellular manipulation. Our vision is to take cutting edge tools and develop graduate training and bridge academia and industry.

          有关更多信息,请访问官方 biosntr 网站。



          Darian Running Horse, Joseph Hacker and Asst. Prof. Natlaie Thiex examining cells in microscope

          sinte gleska学生体验研究在sdstate

          sdstate研究人员正在帮助从任务sinte gleska大学生识破他们的本科生研究期间为期两天的生物系统网络和转化研究(biosntr)中心资助的研究经验,什么是可能的。

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