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          进来的十二月和一月:2000- 2009年(每周2个图像)

          Charles Hargens Treasure Coach From Deadwood oil on canvas, 1962 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2000.02.01. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hargens III.
          Julie Day Sucker mixed media sculpture, 2000 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2001.03.01. Gift of the Artist.
          Image rights pending: Arthur Amiotte Different Worlds collage and acrylic, 2001 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2002.03.1. Gift of Anonymous Donor.
          Jerry Ross Barrish Scarlet mixed media, n.d. 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection. 2003.01. Gift of Henry H. Corning.
          unknown artist, Standing Rock Indian Reservation untitled (Strong Heart Warrior Society rattle) parfleche, feathers, wood, paint, tin cones, and beads, c. 1930s 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection. 2004.05.06. Gift of Loyce R. Anderson.
          D. George Prisbe-Przybysz Cheyenne Cedars acrylic on canvas, 2002 South Dakota Art Museum Collection, 2005.01. 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Purchase.
          Warren Rosser Slip-Wear oil on linen, 2000 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2006.07.1. Gift of Warren Rosser.
          Image rights pending: Yan Zhou Xu The Drought oil on canvas, n.d. South Dakota Art Museum Collection, 2007.02.1. 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Purchase-Iverson Endowment.
          Image rights pending: Dwayne Wilcox untitled ink and pen on paper, 1998 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2008.01.1. Gift of Betty L Beer Franklin.
          Image rights pending: Roger Broer Keeper of the Darkness monoprint, 2008 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2009.11.



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