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          进来二月通过3月6日:2010 - 2019年(每周2个图像)

          Image rights pending: Brett Anderson Internal Dissention mixed media drawing, 2002 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2010.05.8. Gift of Dr. Norman Gambill.
          Jeannie French untitled (fish and antlers) mixed media, 1988 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection. 2011.02.2. Gift of Dr. Norman Gambill.
          Image rights pending: James Rosenquist Miles (from America from the Third Century Portfolio) silkscreen with airbrush, 1975 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2012.02.42. Gift of Neil C. Cockerline in memory of Florence L. Cockerline.
          Paul Peterson A Barn’s Portrait oil, iron filings, topsoil on canvas, 2012 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2013.03.1. South Dakota Governor’s 5th Biennial Exhibition and the South Dakota Arts Council.
          Andrew Standing Soldier untitled (woman on horseback with travois) watercolor on paper, n.d. 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2014.02.3. Gift of Dave and Betty Strain.
          Robert Jackson Cube (What is Art About?) oil on linen, 2013 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2015.12. Gift of the Artist.
          Image rights pending: Oscar Howe War Dancer casein on paper, 1968 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2016.04.1 SD Masterworks Society.
          Frances Cranmer Greenman untitled (American Indian with pipe) oil on canvas, 1916 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2017.04. Gift of Lawrence and Catherine Piersol.
          Peter Reichardt C.P.C. 4 color pencil on paper, 2017 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2018.05.2. SDAM Purchase Erwin Endowment
          Image rights pending: Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe screenprint, 1967 太阳城集团app州艺术博物馆 Collection, 2019.05. Gift of Melvin Francis Spinar.



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